How many people do the meal plans feed?

Each meal is approximately 4-6 servings, with a few freezer-friendly soups and stews serving even more. These plans work great for small families or couples who like leftovers.

Are all of the recipes for dinners?

Yes these meal plans are designed to take the work out of dinner planning, while leaving flexibility for you to choose your own breakfast and lunch. Many people end up having leftovers available that can double as lunches for the next day.

How much will the groceries cost for each plan?

Cost will vary depending on your location, if you have a well stocked pantry, and other items you may need to purchase. However we’ve had some users report their weekly grocery bills using our meal plans be from $60-75 dollars. That’s only $12.50 per meal with four (or more) servings.

Can I purchase a gift card for someone to purchase their own plan?

Yes you sure can! Follow the instructions in the Meal Plans Gift Card Product listing to send to someone else.

How do I get access to the Facebook community?

You must purchase a Budget Bytes Meal Plan in order to gain access to our Facebook group. We will then verify your purchase, and approve you into the group.

I need to update my email address. How do I do that?

You can simply log in to your Budget Bytes account and in the upper right hand corner click on My Account, and you can update your email address. Or you can always email us at support@budgetbytes.com and we’ll gladly help you.

Will there be more plans in the future?

Yes! We’re working hard behind the scenes to create even more meal plans for you and your dietary needs.

Are there options for gluten or dairy free?

While there are no specific meal plans currently for gluten free and dairy free, our plans are very adaptable. You can peruse the recipes included in each plan before buying and determine what you can swap or omit for your dietary needs.

What does the R mean on the grocery list?

The R stands for Thursday.

Are there tips for leftovers and freezing?

Yes! Included in all of the meal plans are freezer friendly tips and suggestions for leftovers. As well as how to keep leftover ingredients for use later in the week.


The links from my emails to access my meal plan are going to a 404 page. How do I get the correct link?

Please create an account here with the same email address that you used when purchasing the email from our previous store platform. Once you activate your account, your meal plans will be available in your account to access.

Who Is Tulos Helsinki, Oy?

The charge for your purchase will show on your statement as "Tulos Helsinki, Oy". Tulos is the name of the business that manages our business operations. 

If you have any issues or other questions, please email: support@budgetbytes.com.